October 20, 2023

SOCIETAL PRESSURE: A Giant Hurdle for Pakistani Students Pursuing Overseas Education

Pakistan has a rich tradition of valuing education, and many students aspire to pursue their studies abroad. However, the journey toward overseas education often comes with a giant obstacle – societal pressure. In this blog, we will explore how societal pressure hinders the dreams of Pakistani students and examine the impact it has on their pursuit of education abroad.

The Dream of Studying abroad is a dream harbored by countless Pakistani students. The desire to explore new horizons, experience diverse cultures, and access high-quality education drives them to look beyond their national borders. For many, this journey represents a path to personal growth and career advancement.


While the dream of studying abroad is nurtured by ambition and aspiration, it often clashes with societal norms and expectations in Pakistan.

Here’s how societal pressure becomes a significant hurdle:

Traditional Career Paths:

In Pakistan, there is a strong emphasis on traditional career paths such as medicine, engineering, or civil services. Pursuing degrees in fields that deviate from these norms can be met with resistance and skepticism.

Family Expectations:

Pakistani families often have high expectations for their children. Overseas education can be viewed as a deviation from these expectations, leading to conflicts and emotional stress within families.

Financial Concerns:

Overseas education is costly, and many students and their families face financial constraints. Societal pressure to study abroad can amplify these financial burdens, leading to anxiety and stress.

Cultural and Social Norms:

Pakistani society places a significant emphasis on conformity to cultural and social norms. Studying abroad may be seen as a challenge to these norms, which can result in social stigma and isolation.


The pressure to conform to societal expectations and norms can have a profound impact on students:

  • Mental Health:

Students often battle anxiety, depression, and stress as they try to balance their dreams with societal pressures.

  • Reduced Motivation:

The constant fear of disappointing family and society can lead to a loss of motivation and a decrease in academic performance.

  • Career Misalignment:

Many students pursue degrees and careers they have little interest in, merely to appease societal expectations.


Despite these challenges, many Pakistani students successfully pursue overseas education by finding ways to manage societal pressure:

  1. Open Communication: Open and honest conversations with family members can help bridge the gap between individual dreams and societal expectations.
  2. Seeking Support: Connecting with mentors, counselors, and support groups like VICPAK Study Abroad Consultants in Karachi can provide guidance and emotional support during the journey.
  3. Financial Planning: Careful financial planning and exploring scholarship opportunities can help alleviate the financial burden of studying abroad.
  4. Persistence: Maintaining a strong determination to pursue one’s dreams is crucial. Overcoming societal pressure takes time and resilience.

Overseas education is not just about crossing borders; it’s also about dealing the giant of societal pressure.

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