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M. Rafique Shaker

Studying abroad is the one and only dream of many students’ that demands hard work, and massive amount of money to make it come true. Finding out trustworthy study visa guidance is a challenge for the aspirants today. Students are always doubtful about their visa consultants for losing their money and hopes.

VICPAK was established for Students, as an independent organization, with a promise to facilitate students interested to study abroad and help build their careers.

Our aim is to provide a formal and authorized connection between international education and students planning to study abroad.

We continuously believe in providing professional services to students, parents, and our institutional clients at all times.

  • Achieving maximum profitability along with safeguarding customer-satisfaction
  • Riding high on our foundation principles of ethics, expertise, and leadership
  • Striving restlessly towards excellence, always!
  • Our clients of today will be the global citizens of tomorrow

Few Words about M. Rafique Shaker

The ability to effectively manage and nurture a company is not possible with a happy go lucky attitude. It requires persistence, passion, and discipline. Rafique is the epitome of managerial elegance. As a company grows, there are numerous challenges and barriers that crop up. In the face of these undying encounters, the primary objective is to persevere. Grounded and poised, Rafique has been leading VICPAK since 2009. His astute interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence has enabled him to brilliantly guide young and prospective students in different educational forums. It is worth noting that as an international student himself, he finds it extremely fulfilling to make a major contribution in sculpting the future and endeavors of international students.

On top of that, his extensive global exposure in the Far East, Middle East and Canada has allowed him to excel in the enrolment of international students. He uses this as leverage to build a solid bond with the student community providing them with an exceptional level of service.

Rafique has been the pillar behind bringing VICPAK to life in Australia, UAE and Pakistan. Needless to say, that behind this successful man’s empire lays a team of experts working hand in hand with him.

For over 10 years now, Rafique has molded VICPAK in the most diligent manner and confidently asserts that he will continue to do so in many years to come.