Professional year

Professional Year

Professional Year (PY) program is made for specialized professional development. The program combines workplace experience and institutional learning – catering to international students who graduate from Australian institutions. This program is usually for 12 months and is currently available for:

  • Engineering
  • Accounting
  • ICT (The Information Communication Technology)

PY Program is designed for graduates who want an opportunity to be a part of Australian work environment. The completion of program can also give students the extra points for point based skilled visas.

Program is developed for students to learn skills through work and study, making them a viable choice for Australian Workforce. The DHA (Department of Home Affairs) recognizes only the Professional Year Programs approved by the Government.

Advantage of opting for PY Program:
  • Enrich your resume as you earn valuable experience working for an Australian company as an internee
  • Understand the different practices and culture found in the workplace of Australia
  • Learn communication in a professional working environment
  • Earn the five extra points on the DHA points test when you apply for the permanent residency.
  • Build and enhance the professional network along with communication skills
To apply for the Professional Year Program – Students must:
  • Have a degree from Australia in Computer Science, Accounting or Engineering
  • Have a Subclass 485 Visa (Temporary Graduate)
    • Passport
    • 485 visa or 476 visa (engineering students only)
    • Completion letter
    • original transcript
    • English certificate
    • Resume (Engineering only)
    • Skill Assessment Letter (Engineering and Accounting)
    • Application Form
    • *For students in engineering, personal documents should be certified within 3 months of the application by a person who is authorized such as a lawyer or pharmacist
    • *The engineering PY program admission requires approval of Engineering Education Australia (EEA) along with the completion of the Career Interview of providers.

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