Health Coverage

Study in Australia with the right health coverage

VICPAK Consultancy Services gets the hospital and medical needs so you can stay in peace

Maintaining health coverage is mandatory for your stay in Australia

Health cover is what you need when going to Australia which ensures you can get the health care when you need it and expenses are taken care of.

At VICPAK Consultancy Services, we can arrange insurances through partners that cover hospital and medical costs while you stay in Australia. You can get everything from emergency transport to prescription drugs taken care of.

With VICPAK Consultancy Services, get competitive quote with coverage to everything related to health.

Get Health Coverage or lose your visa

Without the right health coverage – your visa can be on a risk of cancellation. However, we make sure you have everything covered and that you do everything to maintain your coverage while you’re here.

If health coverage isn’t compulsory for your visa, it’s still a good choice to get coverage so that you’re left with something if anything goes wrong. You can relax knowing VICPAK Consultancy Services has got you covered for all your medical and health needs.

Health Coverage in 3 simple steps

Step 01

We work out which coverage is the best for you

There are a range of options to choose from. We work the best one according to your location, study and budget
Step 02

Getting the best price for you

We have strong relationships with industry leading insurance companies. Hence, can offer exclusive rates that you won’t find anywhere else
Step 03

Apply when you’re ready

If everything is according to your requirements and application, we help you apply to the health coverage policy and make sure it’s ready when you get in Australia.